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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services In London

Hanson Cleaning Ltd delivers highly professional commercial cleaning services in London. With more than five years of experience, our specialised commercial cleaning services are ideal for offices, warehouses, schools, hotels and other commercial establishments. We provide seamless and thorough cleaning solutions, meeting the specific needs of businesses in the North London area. 

Whether it's maintaining a tidy office, cleaning warehouses, or ensuring that hotel spaces are spotlessly clean, our qualified team is committed to providing a reliable and effective commercial cleaning service. We leave your premises clutter-free and refreshed. Contact us today to book your commercial cleaning service.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Efficient Solutions for Business Spaces

Steel commercial kitchen

Commercial Toilet Cleaning

Hanson Cleaning Ltd provides efficient commercial toilet cleaning services, ensuring a hygienic and well-maintained environment for your business. Our experienced team employs effective cleaning methods to eliminate germs and maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the bathrooms of your business premises.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Count on Hanson Cleaning Ltd for thorough commercial kitchen cleaning services. Our team tackles grease, grime and addresses hygiene-related concerns, ensuring your kitchen remains clean, safe and fully functional. Our cleaning solutions ensure that your commercial kitchen meets the highest standards of hygiene in compliance with health and safety regulations.

 Female janitor mopping floor in office

Warehouse & Office Cleaning

Hanson Cleaning Ltd delivers comprehensive office and warehouse cleaning services designed to create a well-organised and productive workspace. Our team focuses on every detail to ensure that your warehouse and office areas are consistently clean and presentable.

Hotel Cleaning

Trust us for reliable hotel cleaning services that contribute to a positive guest experience. Our dedicated team focuses on maintaining cleanliness throughout your hotel, ensuring a welcoming, aesthetically appealing and hygienic environment for guests.

Empty classroom with wooden desks, chalkboard and big windows in school

Restaurant Cleaning

Ensure a pristine dining atmosphere with Hanson Cleaning Ltd's restaurant cleaning services. Our team is committed to keeping your restaurant spotless, enhancing the overall dining experience for your customers with a clean and inviting ambience.

School Cleaning

We offer professional school cleaning services, creating a clean and conducive learning environment for students and staff. Our team focuses on maintaining a hygienic and safe space for educational and extra-curricular activities.

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Boost Your Business Environment With Our Commercial Cleaning Services. Call Us On 07487 401693 To Schedule A Service.

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